About us

HRI HEALTHCARE was incepted in the year 2011 with an aim to becoming a leader in oral care products. We started out with old, trusted brands of Bharucha Brothers and from there have introduced many more oral healthcare products. With operations spread across 5 states, we aim to be leaders in serving the oral health needs of our loyal consumers for a lifetime.

HRI HEALTHCARE is empowered with a state-of-the-art, in-house R&D facility driven by a team of scientists, clinicians, dental professionals and pharmaceutical experts. These employees are the force behind innovative and standard-setting oral care products. Our management and sales teams to help us take our dental solutions to the market and bring back valuable feedback of our trusted consumers. This constantly push us to raise the bar with every new dental product we introduce in the market.

HRI HEALTHCARE combines the vision with superior R&D capabilities and cutting-edge technology to design and market innovative dental products with strong brand names.


HRI HEALTHCARE is committed to bring innovative products at affordable prices to improve the health and well being of individuals.


We strive towards better oral health of patients through innovations.

Director Speech

Every company has a vision of growth and a mission to succeed. In pharmaceutical industry, success gravitates to the company which work towards higher product realizations designed for consumer's benefit. Rather than crowding product spaces, at HRI HEALTHCARE our R&D team spends countless hours developing beneficial solutions for oral health and hygiene. Our team works relentlessly, right from the pre-development stage through the rigorous testing phase until the product is launched in the market.

We understand that oral hygiene is the matter of concern for individual self-esteem and overall well-being. HRI HEALTHCARE has taken advantage of tehcnological advancements in product development for introducing innovative dental products which are market-relevant. All our products are geared towards promoting oral health of our consumers and committed to create a platform for dental practitioners and consumers to tackle dental problems efficiently. By providing superior quality oral care products, we ensure they become integral part of daily dental practice in India.

We take pride in our dedicated team which operates in a competitive environment overcoming every challenge and setting new standards in dental industry with every innovation. We are confident that we have technological feasibility, thorough strategy, market orientation and right people to realize our full potential and keep our consumers smiling.